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Jaciment de la Margineda

The excavations in the Margineda Roureda have uncovered the largest archaeological site in Andorra

Archaeological work carried out at La Roureda de la Margineda site since 2007 has uncovered one of the most important documented medieval sites in Andorra and one of the most outstanding on the southern slopes of the Pyrenees.

The site is situated on land belonging to the Cardelús-Maestre family and since 2007 Molines Patrimonis has financed the different excavation campaigns  carried out. Also from 2010, they have  had the help of the Andorran Govern with subsidies given for the restoration and preservation of the cultural heritage.

In 2012 Molines Patrimonis, the Govern of Andorra and the Comú of Andorra la Vella signed an agreement in  which both public institutions undertake to cooperate in the recuperation of  this piece of cultural heritage and to work together to emphasise its value.

The site is on over 4,000 square metres while 1,500 have been excavated.

Throughout the digs thousands of objects belonging to the Middle Ages were recovered, mainly made of ceramics, iron and bronze, which have allowed us to find out what our ancestor’s life was like.

The finds have forced us towards a reconsideration of some aspects of Andorran medieval history in an exciting dialogue between the archaeological remains and existing documentation.

This dialogue is still taking place: the site of the Roureda de la Margineda is still open and is certain to continue bringing us new knowledge so as to understand our past in a better way.

During the summer of 2012 it opened its doors to the public with the aim of offering visitors a “trip to the heart of Andorran history”. It is the first preserved example in Andorra of a piece of concentrated architecture built wholly in stone. The structures and the abundant material collected illustrate, in great detail, daily life in medieval Andorra and remain a unique witness thereof.


The Roureda de la  Margineda Site offers guided visits with prior reservation.

Andorra la Vella tourist office

Tel: 75.01.00 /

Molines Patrimonis 

Tel: 80.59.50 /


Adult : 5€ for 12-65 years of age,

Reduced ticket : 3€ for the over 65′s and Youth card holders

Free of charge for the under 12′s and for ICOM card holders.


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