Andorran Gastronomy

Andorran Gastronomy

Andorran cuisine is heir to a centuries-old tradition linked to the aromas and flavours of the mountains, which has always been based on local produce and seasonal products cooked depending on the season and traditionally characterised by self-sufficiency. With the passing of time, our gastronomy has also been influenced by and assimilated French and Catalan cuisines.

Escudella is a light pork stew with seasonal vegetables. A traditional dish typically served during winter and at popular events. At Christmas, you can try the dish with a traditional type of pasta, called sopa de galets or sopa grossa.

Trinxat de montanya is a typical Pyrenees dish made with winter cabbage, potatoes, garlic and tocino.
Andorran cannelloni are a variant of the Catalan recipe featuring a mix of minced lamb, pork and chicken inside pasta rolls and served with bechamel sauce.
Game dishes such as jugged hare or wild boar stewed in red wine are popular at the beginning of the hunting season and are typically served with vegetables and wild mushrooms. With the onset of the fishing season, you can sample pan-fried trout with almonds and cured ham known as Trucha a la Andorrana.
Cod used to be eaten as a main course like herring or eel, types of fish that reached mountain areas thanks to salting techniques. Nowadays you can try Andorra’s most traditional cod dish, cod au gratin with aioli (garlic and olive oil) sauce.
Wild mushrooms such as the boletus, the saffron milk cap, the grey knight, the common morel or the Scotch bonnet are the most common varieties. You will find them in creams, rice dishes, sauces and accompanying meat dishes of every kind.
Codony Aioli is a quince, olive oil and garlic-based sauce that typically accompanies grilled meats and is highly regarded sauce in mountain cuisine.
Charcuterie is produced during the traditional pig slaughter at the beginning of January in the form of cured meats such as bringuera, donja, bisbe, longanizas and morcillas.

Common chicory or dandy lion is picked wild on the mountainside and is an excellent variant for salads. It is typically seasoned with tocino and nuts, and is only served in spring.
Caracoles a la llauna, consists of snails that are usually grilled over charcoal and seasoned with a variety of spices. Typically accompanied with quince aioli, this delicacy will satisfy the most exigent palates.


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