Molines Patrimonis
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Experts on developing and managing an asset portfolio profitably and sustainably

Molines Patrimonis is the trade name of the Andorran family enterprise Casa Molines, S.A.

It was organized in the year 2000 to profitably and sustainably manage the assets of the families of Montserrat and Meritxell Cardelús Maestre.

The company’s primary function is to centralize the management of these assets and to ensure that they will be passed on to the families’ future generations.

The principles which the owner families have established to guide Molines Patrimonis’ action are ethics, a spirit of permanence, business-mindedness and professionalism.

Molines Patrimonis’ strategy pursues the reduction of risks by geographically and sectorally diversifying its asset portfolio.

In the course of its short history, the company has always striven to ensure quality, commitment, trust, honesty, innovation and ongoing improvement.

Restricted visits due to the Covid-19


Restricted visits due to the Covid-19

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